Our Mutual Friend

Tim Ringgold - When Meds Fail: A Case for Music Therapy

This is a beautiful story told with courage and clarity by music therapist Tim Ringgold.¬†Aside from the story that emerges out of the talk, his description of music as ‘the mutual friend’ (4’20) is an absolutely brilliant analogy of what happens in music between people. In clinical supervisions, we’ve often talked of ‘the third person in the room’ when trying to describe the presence of music in music therapy. By thinking of music as a person we already know and trust, this is both a reminder and a challenge of what music can and should be. I find this particularly resonant because during my music therapy training, trusting the music was sometimes difficult. It came down to daring myself to commit to the music, believing that my instincts were right, and having faith that the music was where the change could happen and where a relationship would take shape. It’s interesting to think just how valuable attempting to talk about music therapy can be. By putting words to an intangible process, this talk (just 7 minutes!) has helped to shape my reflections on music therapy that will be manifested in future music therapy practice.


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