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The last few months have been busy, exhausting, energising and exhilarating for all sorts of reasons. I’ve done several things I’ve not done before; I’ve led singing workshops in new settings (Fairtrade events, Christian Aid fundraiser, in the countryside under a very dark sky next to a bonfire at a peace conference), I’ve led sessions with content that I haven’t shared before, drawing together ideas from the music therapy literature and from community¬†development, social change, and nonviolence movements (which I will get round to posting here at some point!). I ran an unConference in April, and a week later attended training provided by The Alzheimer’s Society. I’ve performed 16th & 17th Century Spanish Polyphony for a Good Friday concert, and I’ve managed to squeeze in something of a social life too!

The other thing I’ve done which I haven’t done before is complete the application to train to be a Music Therapist on the Nordoff Robbins Master of Music Therapy programme. In January I sent in a video audition and written application form, and in March I had two auditions, the first an individual audition, and the second a group audition. I’m very happy to report I’ve been offered a place, which will start in London in September.

Obviously this has implications for my work, so I’ve created a newsletter which outlines my plans.


Download: May 2011 – Singing Newsletter

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