Rolling Out Singing for Fun

In a move to build on the success of Singing for Fun in Witney, I am rolling out more Singing for Fun sessions in Oxford and the surrounding area. The Witney group has steadily grown to a good number of participants, and the feedback received is very encouraging. People feel ‘uplifted’ by the sound the group creates, and it is my belief that as people develop their singing and make new friends, self-confidence will also grow.
If you are interested in hosting a Singing for Fun session, below are some frequently asked questions, and here is a flier for download.

What is it?
Singing For Fun does exactly what it says on the tin! It is a participative singing session, covering a wide range of songs, mostly well-known, with some songs which may be new to participants. Booklets of song words are provided and no prior experience is necessary. Singing for Fun aims to create a happy, relaxed, social atmosphere. It is an opportunity for people to find their voices, to stay active and to try something new.

Who is it for?
Singing for Fun sessions are aimed at the over-50 age group, but everyone is welcome.

How do I Book?
Rachel is available to deliver Singing for Fun sessions at flexible times throughout the week – please contact. Sessions cost £25 and they can be booked on a weekly, fortnightly, or occasional basis (e.g. every 3-6 months). A discount is available when 10 sessions are booked together. Please contact Rachel to book your sessions. Free taster sessions are also available.

Do participants need to be physically fit to attend?
No. Singing for Fun sessions are run with everyone sitting down. Sessions begin with a brief physical warm-up – this is very gentle and completely optional. There are also sometimes actions which go with some of the songs. This is a very gentle form of exercise which many people find beneficial.

How long do sessions last?
Sessions generally last one hour, but can be tailored to the needs of different groups.

What kind of songs do you sing?
When sessions are run as part of a series, each session has a theme, and songs are chosen linking to this theme. Because songs are gathered by theme, they are drawn from different styles and traditions, so whilst there may be some songs which are unfamiliar, the vast majority will be familiar to people. We sing pop, rock, folk, country, African chants, music hall, war-time songs, blues, jazz… Songs are chosen that will be most familiar to the over-50s.

Can you give an example of some of the songs sung in a session?
Of course. A recent session themed ‘Seasons and Weather’ included the songs Singing in the Rain, Over the Rainbow, Here Comes the Sun, You are my Sunshine, Tulips from Amsterdam and Sumer is icumen in.
We sing different songs each session, and occasionally have a session dedicated to the groups’ favourites.

What are the benefits?
Benefits of singing are widely documented. Singing for Fun is designed to be a fun and positive activity for older people (over 50s). Broadly speaking, group singing has numerous social, mental and physical health benefits. You can read more about them here.

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