Drama for Dementia Patients – Channel 4 News Report

An interesting report from Channel 4 News showing the growing recognition of the importance of using arts as part of the treatment of dementia – and momentum too as the government pledges £150million to improve dementia care.

3 thoughts on “Drama for Dementia Patients – Channel 4 News Report

  1. Kazz

    This is a wonderful story. Thank you for posting it, it really restored my faith in the system (a little bit!).
    Would be interesting to team up with some drama students to try something like that in Oxford perhaps?

  2. John

    I’ve been following the fortunes of this group and think they do great work. I am an Activity Coordinator in a Care Home in Scotland and hope to get some actors interested in a similar project here.

  3. Liz

    Im a drama student at the university of winchester, and i have started doing something like this myself in a local residential home. I love this sort of work and would love to be part of something bigger, with a group of people perhaps one day. I love this vid clip, i had tears in my eyes to know that some people really make the effort to bring drama to older poeple. two enthusiastic thumbs up!

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