Catching Up… Singing in Palestine

In November I traveled with a young people’s peace delegation to Israel/Palestine. You can read all about it here. Singing was an important part of the trip for me for various reasons. The most memorable singing times happened when…

  • in the olive groves near Jenin at a Fairtrade Co-operative pressing plant, a group of young men got out a drum and started singing and dancing, full of pride
  • we stood at the foot of the wailing wall and listened…
  • singing on the bus with our American friends… swing low, pick a bale o’ cotton, belle mambe
  • humming a taize chant at the airport to stay calm during the strip-search.
  • a man who we met in D’heisha refugee camp, Bethlehem, who spent ten years in Israeli prisons, who sang to stay sane over 40-day stints of solitary confinement.
  • the verse from Fred Marchant’s (who travelled with us) poem ‘First Song Again’

“Trust above all the imminent return

Of the small, but persistent

Impulse to sing.”

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