Catching Up… Arts ‘n’ Care

This was a fabulous conference run by Do The Right Thing, way back in October. I love the fact that I can justify attending a conference for my professional development that teaches how to make aromatherapy bath salts

Seriously, what really attracted me to the conference was the number of music workshops that were taking place. Unfortunately I could only get to 2 of them, but it is so encouraging to see the growth of music as a tool being used in social care and mental healthcare.

One fantastic organisation down in London is SoundMinds who use music as a method of community occupational therapy – they even have their own agency.

The highlight for me was Liz McNaughton‘s session Voicework for Wellbeing. Aside from voice and singing teaching, Liz also works with groups of people coping with degenerative diseases such as alzheimers and dementia, parkinsons and MS. She works completely unaccompanied, without percussion, and no songsheets (the simplicity of this appeals to me immensely) and she focuses entirely on the voice, whether singing or speaking.

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